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Answers to All Your Inquiries

How much do the games cost?

To play in the P&E Sports Leisure Leagues games cost a total of £35 per week, which must be paid to the league manager on arrival.

What kind of training do the referees have?

All our referees have had sufficient and relevant training with accreditation from The FA or SFA in order to provide the best quality games as possible.

How many players are on a team?

The minimum amount of players situated to one team is 6 and the maximum is 9. Only 6 players are aloud to be on the pitch at any one time with a maximum of 3 substitutions which can be made in a roll on roll off manner.

How do I register my team ?

To register your team you must complete a team registration form and then wait for a response from our league manager.

What happens if my team cannot fulfil a fixture?

All teams are expected to play every game in the season when they register, if you cannot fulfil any fixture the full match fee will be required to be paid within 48 hours by debit or credit card as P&E Sports still have to pay all the costs for the league. If a match is cancelled on less than 48 hours’ notice and we are unable to arrange the opponents another game the cancelling team also pay us the opponent’s match fee. As Team Organiser you agree to make full payment all fees charges and fines relating to your team.

What happens if the opposition team doesnt turn up?

This is very rare but if it does occur the league manager or one of our match supervisors will do everything possible to arrange a friendly.

Are shin pads compulsory?

Shin pads are not compulsory but is advisable, players play at their own risk.

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